Joe Lynn Turner at Trädgår'n in Gothenburg

Terje Eide and Joe Lynn Turner.
Photographer: Beatrice Larsson

Joe Lynn Turner and I. (Rated X, Legends of Rock, ex.Deep Purple, ex.Rainbow). Met him in Gothenburg with Legends of rock. What a generous, kind and cool guy.

Tony Mills - Collaboration with his AOR project

It's a pleasure to be on board and co-write songs for Tony Mills AOR project. We've talked over the last couple of years, with regard to my project ON THE RISE, but we have never really worked together, until now.…

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RIP Fergie Frederiksen (former singer of TOTO)

Fergie Frederiksen and Terje Eide 
Photographer: Beatrice Larsson

We met Fergie at Trädgår'n in Gothenburg with Legends - Voices of Rock. A great singer, and a good guy. His kindness and generousity was shining through. 

Peace & Love,
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