TOTO - A great hang and musical highlight this summer!

Steve Lukather and Terje Eide

TOTO - 3 shows with spontaneous creative changes and musicalitySteve Lukather - the man has inspired generations with his guitar playing. The whole band with its music. You can hear and it's obvious when Luke is playing and singing. He's got his own signature in songwriting as well. Whether you go to a concert with TOTO or enjoying a solo tour with Luke, you know they or he will deliver something special. Even for that specific gig. Live music is the best! I've seen TOTO a few times, but never 3 shows during the same tour. And still I wish to continue to enjoy this band. Why? It's obvious isn't it. I like the band and the music. But most of all because of their musicianship and what they give the audience every night. It makes it even more special to have Steve Lukather as a friend. He is the most generous guy I've ever met. Not because he is Steve Lukather, but because he is pretty unique and genuine as a person. A very respectful, caring and loving guy. Big hearted. Everyone in the band is great. Thanks to Luke and the band TOTO for their colourful, inspirational and musical highlights this summer! For coming to Bergen to share their great music with us all! Very much appreciated!!

Peace & Love

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